January 20, 2014


When windows of your home need cleaning

Time For Window Cleaning has got a team of workers who understand the importance of cleanliness and hence they make use of best solutions and equipments. They are very courteous and highly experienced in their job and hence you can trust them completely.

Reasons why you should say it’s Time For Window Cleaning:

Our workers always turn up on time
They come in full uniform and hence you can identify them at the first glance
Our workers make use of shoe covers and ensure protection of floors and towels
We provide a proof of insurance and reference when asked by clients
We never differentiate our jobs as big or small and easy or difficult. We treat our every assignment equally and take utmost care of every single window that we get to wash. Technicians of Time For Window Cleaning have overcome all types of challenges. From residential apartments to commercial properties, from sky scrapers to town houses, they have served all types of properties. Our workers always give the best estimate and pay attention to every detail.

Things that we pay attention to:

Protection of floors and carpets
Full custom detailing
Chamois detailing for making the cleaning operation perfect
High-access window cleaning

What we include in our residential window cleaning services:

Both interior and exterior windows
Storm windows
Screens and sills
Light Fixtures
Ceiling Fan
Maintenance window cleaning
Post construction / Post renovation window cleaning
Glass restoration

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