January 20, 2014

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Services that you get from Time For Window Cleaning

We at Time For Window Cleaning are based in Manhattan, New York. We provide services through professionals, who are specially trained, skilled and experienced in their field. To ensure return of windows to their shining, sparkling state, our window cleaners make use of the best equipments and chemicals and they pay full attention to every part of every window, starting from edges, corners, sills and screens. They make use of chamois and squeegee to drive out every spot and dust particle from the windows.
Time For Window Cleaning believes in doing complete tasks and hence our cleaners include a lot of activities in their operation. Unlike workers of many other window cleaning companies, our workers remove furniture and other households close to the windows to ensure their safety. No, we do not charge anything for this extra effort, because we consider it as a part of our job. When shifting furniture is difficult, our technicians cover them well to make them safe from liquid damage, which might occur due to use of water and chemicals. We understand value of properties and hence take complete care of everything that comes in our way of cleaning the windows. Our technicians even use shoe covers to keep floor and carpet damage at bay and hence properties do not look untidy.
  Our technicians are always ready to reach any corner of these areas for doing their job. We guarantee top class window cleaning service to residential and commercial properties alike.  

Time For Window Cleaning specialist in the following jobs:

Regular Window Cleaning
Post Construction/Renovation Cleaning and Glass Scraping
Removal and Reinstallation of Air Conditioner
Ceiling Fan Cleaning
Bird Protection Installation
Pressure Washing

Regular Window Cleaning:

This is general cleaning process which is used to wash out dirty spots from window screens. But regular window cleaning does not guarantee removal of stains caused by paints, sealants and other kinds of damages. Regular Window Cleaning is done by using regular washer, squeegee, window soap and chamois.

Post Construction/Renovation Cleaning and Glass Scraping:

This is far better than regular cleaning and the shine lasts far longer. Before the main cleaning process is initiated, all kinds of stains on the window screens are completely removed. Clients always appreciate the post construction/renovation cleaning as the windows get back ‘brand new’ look. Since this cleaning process is a bit difficult, we charge a little more.

Removal and Reinstallation of Air Conditioner:

Since majority of people have got air conditioner installed on their windows, our workers often face obstruction while doing their work. To ensure complete cleaning of such windows, our technicians remove the air conditioner unit. They are specially trained in removal and reinstallation of all kinds of AC devices. Hence clients do not need to bother with their AC units. Our technicians will remove it first, complete the cleaning and will reinstall the unit again. Since the job includes extra physical effort, we charge for every AC unit.  


Our technicians have got the expertise of cleaning chandeliers. They do not only clean the lights but also make effort to increase the brightness of chandeliers. You can get chandelier cleaning service from us at the price.  

Ceiling Fans:

Our window cleaners are efficient in handling all kinds of ceiling fans and we charge for cleaning each fan.  

Bird Protection installation:

We promise to provide top notch bird protection installation service. We know how much a bird protection helps in keeping windows and AC unit clean and hence put our best effort to ensure complete protection.   If you are interested in our services then it’s Time For Window Cleaning. Call us at 631-565-1560 to get a free estimate today.  

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