January 20, 2014


Time For Window Cleaning for commercial properties

Time For Window Cleaning provides state-of the-art professional window cleaning services to commercial properties. All kinds of window cleaning services for owners, contractors and building managements are available at Time For Window Cleaning.
Properties that we provide our services are:
Apartment Buildings
Real Estates
Government Buildings
Health care facilities
Doctors Clinics

Height doesn’t matter when it’s Time For Window Cleaning:

It doesn’t really matter whether your windows are at high-rise, mid-rise or low-rise building because we have got a workforce to provide service at all adverse conditions and we are equipped with logistics like Alaco 32 inch sectional ladder, scissor lifts and booms.
At times accessing windows from the ground get difficult. In such cases our workers reach the windows from the terrace. If needed, our technicians may make use of boatswain chair or CDA, which is transportable suspended equipment, for cleaning windows of your commercial property. The CDA or controlled descent apparatus features a seat board with rope descent device. Two types of ropes hold the seat board. One is used to suspend the worker and the other works as the safety line. The window cleaner gets dressed in full body harness with shock absorber and rope grab. Caution tapes are used to warn pedestrians so that they can avoid walking below the working area.
To contact us and get a free on-site estimate, call at 631-565-1560

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