January 19, 2014

About Time For Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a task that majority of people neglect. Be it an office or their residential property, people take utmost care of everything else to keep the interior clean, but seldom notice the poor condition of their windows and even if they do, they try to overlook it. Well, it’s a fact that window cleaning is a tedious job and involves a lot of effort, skills and equipments. Moreover it involves high risk in case of high rise buildings. But one should not ignore windows of his or her room or office for that reason since clean, sparkling windows allow daylight to come in, which doesn’t only make a room or office look glowing but the warmth of daylight adds to hygiene level of the room. Hence, attention needs to be paid to windows, no matter how tedious and risky the job is.
Now, you need not to waste your valuable working hours cleaning windows of your home or office. You neither need to risk your life by climbing huge ladder to reach your windows. You just need to check the condition of the glass panels of your window and decide whether it’s time for window cleaning. If it is, then pick up your phone and give us a call. We promise to bring your windows to the crystal clear, sparkling state within hours.
With advancement of science and technology, window cleaning, like many other challenging jobs, has got easier. We at Time For Window Cleaning, provide the most updated professional window cleaning service at Brooklyn, New York. We believe in customer satisfaction which we see in the shine in their eyes after completion of our job and to ensure that we provide them with the best skilled, experienced and efficient technicians in the industry. You just need to inform us about your address and the rest is our responsibility. Simply hire us and forget the issue. Concentrate on other important personal or business works. Once our technicians are done with your windows they will ask you to check out whether you are satisfied with the cleaning.
We at Time For Window Cleaning promise to bring back your windows to the shining and dazzling state as they were originally and you will surely feel happy to see the increased luminosity inside your room or office. It’s not a challenge for us since we make use of the best window cleaning chemicals available in the global market as well as the most advanced equipments that make every corner of a property accessible. We have been bringing back shine on windows and faces of our clients with our performance for over eight years and have earned a reputation in the business. If you are in a state of doubt about the status of our company, let us inform you with pride that Time For Window Cleaning is a business, fully licensed and insured.
Another data that will add to your relief is that Time For Window Cleaning has got Workers’ Compensation Certificate. Yes, by hiring our service you could forget about paying for damage that could occur during the ‘cleaning operation’. Our technicians are efficient enough to handle things properly but even if a mishap occurs compensation would be made from our side. Our technicians are trained for cleaning all types of windows and hence you need not to think twice before calling us. They have the expertise in both exterior and interior cleaning of dual-paned windows, multi-paned windows as well as storm windows.
Client satisfaction always tops our list of priorities and hence our technicians put their best effort to achieve it. In rare cases when they fail to bring the smile and shine, they do the job again and we do not charge for that.
And our satisfaction lies in the fact that our clients always keep referring us to others, helping us increase the number of clientele. Our clients always campaign for us and that’s how we grow every day. their testimonials bring to us new clients and again their referrals bring more new clients and the that’s how the chain gets bigger. We are available for providing you with our service all the time and hence the moment you feel it’s Time For Window Cleaning, feel free to give us a call. Don’t ignore your windows and hygiene. Call us and check out our service once. We guarantee the return of smile on your face and shine on your windows.
To contact us and collect more information about Time For Window Cleaning, dial 631-565-1560

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