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It’s Time to Pay Attention to Window Cleaning

Is your home or office looking a bit darker at daytime? Has the illumination level gone down recently? If it has then what could be the reason? Well the only reason could be layers of dust and increased water spots on the windows and to get back to the luminous state, you need to wash and clean the windows. It’s time for window cleaning and we at are happy to help you get back your room glowing with daylight.
Many people have this bad habit of neglecting their windows. Well, they couldn’t be blamed completely since one of the big reasons behind this negligence is high altitude of buildings. But even if your home or office is at a high rise building you should keep cleaning and washing the windows from time to time. It’s not only about maintaining the glow but daylight, the warmth of sunlight and fresh air that comes in through the window are also very hygienic and are needed to ensure that the room does not get stuffy.

Window Cleaning Company, New York

We understand that washing and cleaning of windows in a city like New York is a Herculean task and hence we are equipped with tools and machineries that make the job easier and faster. You need not to waste your valuable time planning for window cleaning. The moment you feel it’s time for window cleaning, simply pick up your phone and give us a call. We promise to bring back the windows to the sparkling state within hours.

We have Trained Window Cleaners

Hundred percent satisfaction of client has always been our top priority and will remain so. To ensure smile and glow on the face of clients at the end of task, we deploy the most trained technicians and provide them with the best equipments and chemicals available in the global market. We always aim at taking the standard of our service to the next level and to help our workers achieve the goal, we train them regularly. Their knowledge in the field keeps improving with the training and they gain confidence with perfect execution of the training and knowledge at difficult jobs.

Professional Window Washing Services

As professionals we believe in maintaining relationships with clients because that is how our business grows. Our technicians are not only skilled but they also score high on conduct. They are completely professional but at the same time polite, courteous and most importantly, punctual. Another thing that you will get from us is a free estimate. Unlike many other service providers we do not charge people when they ask for an estimate before hiring your service. Our performance has given us the confidence of retaining business and hence we do not bother providing contact numbers of existing clients to the new clients so that they can verify whether we are charging more than the market rate.
We are ready to serve you all the time. You just need to decide whether it’s time for window cleaning and if it is then simply give us a call. It’s time for work for us. Time For Window Cleaning operate in the following areas in New York:
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Long Island
  • Manhattan
  • New Jersey
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
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